Hi I am Jif Neal and I am a lifestyle blogger so you can find all sorts of topics here. I used to work as a nurse in Los Angeles but have since retired thanks to the laptop lifestyle I am making money online. I have my master’s in health administration and continue love doing research and learning new things.

I share my knowledge with others freely so it can improve their lives in some way even if by a little. Maybe I will get a PhD one day, who knows!

I am married with a daughter and have a lovely cat at home. I love playing video games on my free time and love getting to know others and discovering new things.

I hope you enjoy your stay here and learn a lot. If you have questions or have topic ideas, you want me to research and write about then email me at jif@jifneal.com.

Join me in my journey to finding the various lifestyles out there for awesome peace and prosperity for years to come.

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